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Daily Steam Sauna keeps me focused on the goal during my fitness campaign!

This is common knowledge that pollutants and environmental toxins accumulate in fat tissue.

Weight loss releases stored toxins into our bloodstream causing large variety of unpleasant physical and mental symptoms. (Coco calls it The Bottomless Sea of Self pity). 

While physical symptoms are easy to deal with (we can go through physical hardships all right), the mental ones make us quit most of the time.

The great news is – our body eliminates most toxins naturally by sweating.

Therefore lets sweat profusely and frequently in the Portable Steam Sauna!

Why a Portable Sauna, if you can go to a sauna in the gym, or build a real sauna at home? 
There is one thing Coco absolutely can't tolerate – is preparation to prepare, the ultimate expression of procrastination.

Do you plan to build your own sauna? Keep planning. It may as well happen 100 years later and your children will enjoy it. :-)

Do you plan to go to gym’s sauna every day? Great! Keep planning. Not to mention the cost of the pleasure, the mental barrier to go somewhere every day after hours is higher then the Mount Everest. 

Originally I also did plan to go to gym's sauna every day. Well. I never did. Multiple reasons. :-) So getting my own portable steam sauna box was a good thing to do. 

What is my Portable Steam Sauna all about?
It is a W30” X L30” X H38 1/2” cubicle (W76 cm X L76 cm X H78 cm), with a wooden foot massager and electrical steamer.

It gets hot within 10 minutes time, is easy to build up at any place in house, does not leak water and is easy to clean.

The whole package fits into a sport bag, weights ca. 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and can be easily transported from one place to another if necessary.

To use the sauna you will need to place a small stool inside of the box to sit on.

Technical specs:
1) Sauna Sweat Box Capacity: 1 person. Please see sauna measurements to make sure it fits your size.
2) Sauna Steam Box Composition: 100% Nylon
3) Steamer Water Capacity: 2L
4) Heating power: 1000W
5) Certifications: CE, ROHS, REACH, SASO, EAC