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After talking to hundreds of cruise-lovers decision has been made! Our MINI TRAVEL SCOPE is an absolute must-have on your next Voyage.

You will experience 30x magnification that will allow you to see objects as far as 5 miles away. Incredible Zoom Power for any travel destination! [Most products in the same size and weight category offer no more than 8x magnification!] Whether you are on a cruise or travelling on land, there won’t be too many things that are far enough away for you to lose the sight of it.

The MINI SCOPE is 6 1/7" long and weighs less than 12-ounces, so it’s extremely easy to carry around with you. And extremely important: it is allowed on board. 

The MINI SCOPE was developed for the passionate traveler who wants to maximize her sightseeing experience, but doesn't want to buy a professional telescope or binocular. The price of our mini telescope is affordable for almost any budget and it’s easy enough for anyone to use. If you’ve ever dreamt about your eyes reaching beyond the horizon, your time has arrived!
The MINI SCOPE is a durable lens, but you still need to take care of it. That’s why we include plastic lens cap for the front, textile pouch to store the scope as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth to delicately wipe off your lens without scratching it. 

This Mini Scope is selling for 60% OFF it's normal price! So make sure you hurry and grab yours now at the discounted price before supplies run out.

1) High-definition Multi Coating Lenses
2) Magnification: 30X
3) Dual for Focusing
4) Field of View: 66M/ 8000M
5) Object Lens Diameter: Approx. 52mm/ 2.05"
6) Eye lens Diameter: Approx. 20mm/ 0.79"
7) Dimensions: Approx.15.6cm x 5.1cm x4.2cm/ 6.14" x 2.01" x 1.65"