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The Cabin Essentials Bag is the Number 1 necessity while on the cruise and each family member should have one!

“The ship has sailed, and I still haven't received my luggage.” – Sounds … familiar. Luggage arriving late is a common thing and does not bother us a bit, since we have all 1st day essentials neatly packaged into our Cabin Essentials Case.

The truth is, even if our bags were lost somewhere in transit, and will be delivered to the ship in the next cruise port; or even if our bags have fallen in the water pierside, which means - we will never see them again – even such an unwanted scenario won’t compromise our Great Cruise Experience! Why? Because everything we really need has been neatly packed into our Cabin Essentials Case and taken on board as hand luggage! We have checked dozens of Cabin Essentials Bag and none of them performs better than this one: compact, shoe compartment, toiletries compartment and garments compartment (which can be used as shoe compartment as well if absolutely necessary). Get THREE Bags – one for each family member and receive fourth bag for FREE.

1) Composition: 100% Nylon
2) Size: 11 3/7" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/8" [29 cm x 21.5 cm x 13 cm]

Message us if you have any questions at all! We are happy to hear from U!